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101 reasons to love Bogotá Let’s count 101 inspiring reasons to visit, live and invest in Bogota and Colombia... 1) Coffee here is divine. Step forward Juan Valdez. 2) Everyone’s an eco-Hitler. There is a ‘No Car Day’ once a year. Your flatmates will be obsessed with turning out lights.

Discovering Colombia Traveling to Colombia was at first more a coincidence than a real choice. My main objective for coming to South America was to learn Spanish and to finish my thesis during a sabbatical leave of 6 months, generously approved by my present employer.
10 incredible tropical paradises If you like your tropical paradises ‘Caribbean’ flavoured, then you should probably visit this little-known haven, with its swashbuckling English, Jamaican and pirate history. There’s a big Rastafarian influence around these parts;


Yo Creo en Colombia was founded in 1999. During the last decade, YCC became the most recognized private organization in trust building in Colombia and a model for Latin America. Through its 5.152 programs, YCC has touched 655.026 viewers in 157 cities in 26 countries all over the world.

Thanks to its effort YCC has created a new way of thinking, showing the stories of the new Colombia and Latin America. The stories of a region full of richness, creativity, entrepreneurship, hard-work, happiness, productivity and competitiveness.

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YCC works based in a fundamental principle: inclusion. If you feel attracted by our project ¡you are welcome to participate and take action!


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SERENDIPITY Many times, the answer to that puzzling issue, that wonderful opportunity, that powerful idea, that key contact, that solution to a huge problem is within our grasp in the person next to us.

This application presents the methodology of SERENDIPITY, which will give you the tools to break the ice with a stranger and build unimaginable contacts and relationships...


Bank of the Republic Library Cultural activities / Cultural areas / Libraries / Virtual libraries / Gold Museum / Music and more…
The Colombian Department of Culture Interesting information about the cultural activities offered by the cities and regions of Colombia
Vive.in Restaurants / Wines / Movies / Arts / Music / Cultural Activities / Books and even more about Colombia.
Colombian Natural Parks Colombia is one of the richest countries in biological and cultural diversity. This richness is reflected in its 56 stunning natural parks…

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